PHOTON Electronic Mandalay

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Range :3-30cm Adjastable

Product Name : Photoelectric Switch; 

Sending Light : Infrared Rays; 

Model : E3F-DS30C4; 

Detection Way : Diffuse Type 

Output Form : 3 Wires; 

Voltage : DC 6-36V; 

Output State : NPN NO 

Body Size : 2.3x 6.9cm/0.9" x 2.7'' (Max.D*L); 

Material : Plastic, Alloy; 

Color : Black, Orange 

Cable Length : 1.2m / 47''; 

Weight : 57g; 


Threaded rotary easy and reliable, built-in chip, more sensitive detection of objects Built-in LED chip life longer 

Standard conductor thick conductor Conductive performance 

Black: Output signal 

Brown: Positive power supply 

Blue: Negative power supply 

Note: Please note that the sensor can not be installed in the following places, otherwise it will produce sensor misuse 1.A place of dust,or the like 

2. Water and oil chemicals may be more direct splashing more places 

3. Outdoor or sunshine light exposure without shading measures of the place 

4. vibration shocks and no shelter measures to take place 

5. Do not use organic solvents such as thinner to remove contaminants from plastic lenses. 

6. Do not use the sensor in the instantaneous power supply (DC: about 40Ms AC: about 200Ms)

Package Content : 1 x Photoelectric Switch 


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Product Name : Photoelectric Switch;Sending Light : Infrared Rays;Model : E3F-DS30C4;Detection Way : Diffuse Type

Output Form : 3 Wires;Voltage : DC 6-36V;Output State : NPN NO

Body Size : 2.3x 6.9cm/0.9" x 2.7'' (Max.D*L);Material : Plastic, Alloy;Color : Black, Orange

A proximity-sensing (diffused) arrangement is one in which the transmitted radiation must reflect off the object in order to reach the receiver. In this mode, an object is detected when the receiver sees the transmitted source rather than when it fails to see it.Can be applied in security system, manufacturing industry.

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