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Power Line Modem KQ-130F, communications systems operate by adding a modulated carrier signal to the wiring system. KQ-130F Power line carrier module 1.5 Km far Distance carrier wave board.


Working rate:120 ~ 135 KHZ

Interface baud rate: 9600 bps, the true baud rate is 100bps, 250-byte buffer

Temperature: -25 degree~+70 degree

Humidity: ≤90%

Power: DC +5V


Communication: UART TTL 5VDC, default baudrate 9600, 8, 1.

Receiver: ≤11mA Transmitter:≤300mA

Out-of-band inhibition ability :≥ 60 dB

Bandwidth:≤10 KHZ

Insulation resistance:500V ≥500MΩ

The max length of 1 frame continuous transmission ≤252 bytes,usercan set from 1 to 252, and the module does not send redundant date.

Power Frequency insulating withstand voltage:3000V 1min testingwith AC and GND no breakdown,no leakage current.

Anti-lightning:Inner panel TVS tube protection,not only the PCB circuit layout material selection but also the components selection are according to wide temperature,high withstand voltage and anti high pressure shock design.


AC: 220V AC voltage Live (or Neutral)

AC: 220V AC voltage Neutral (or Live)

+5 V to send power (210mA), for receiving data can be un-connected to reduce power consumption

GND: Digital circuit ground

+5 V operating supply 11mA, the lowest operating voltage is 3.3V (but not recommended)

RX: TTL level, carrier data into, then connect microcontroller's TXD

TX: TTL level, carrier data out, then connect the microcontroller's RXD

MODE: mode selection, un-connected or connected to 5V high

NC/RST: reset pin (active low) frequent switching mode. Do not need this feature, the pin should be left unconnected


Package Includes

1x Power Line Modem KQ-130F



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