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FX2N-10MR-2AD1DA Mitsubishi PLC (Clone) industrial control board 

Software: GX Works2 , GX Developer

Power supply voltage: 18V-28V <1A

Program capacity: 4000

Digital input: 6 (Sourcing Input,0V Active,NPN Sensors)

Digital output: 4 NPN(RELAY 250V 5A)

Analog input: 2 (0-10V) (0-4095)   (D8030=AD0 , D8031=AD1)

AD0 AD1 input (input voltage range DC 0-10V) may exceed the possibility of permanent damage to the controller, the corresponding address is D8030 D8031, the resolution is 12bit, the corresponding value is 0-4096

Analog output(PWM): (1KHZ fix output need RC Filter)   (D8033=PWM OUT DUTY VALUE (0-1000))

Pulse width PWM modulation output and AD0 AD1 input use pulse modulation output pulse width carrier is 1KHZ, width range 0-1000 uses address D8033, output impedance is 330Ω, pulses obtained without optical coupling prevent pulse coupling delay caused by optical coupling.

Communication: 9600 baud rate,USB to RS232 Serial Program download and HMI Display Communication support

For high-speed output PLSY PLSR PWM applications, it is not possible to scan two identical instructions and point to the same channel in one scan cycle.If there is such a situation, please use the jump instruction to jump away, otherwise the controller will output abnormal pulses, PLSY DPLSY is the same Command PLSR DPLSR counts the same command, PLC pulse output range 5HZ-3KHZ, please limit the pulse to 3KHZ.

The high-speed counter input uses the input between the performance speed of the light coupling itself. The high-count counter does not exceed 2KHZ. If it exceeds it, a wrong count may occur.

C235 (32-bit high-speed addition and subtraction power-off holding counter, X0, X1 AB phase count, M8235 Represents the direction AB bidirectional counting)

C236 (32-bit high-speed up and down power-off holding counter X0->+ X1->- X0 up-counting X1 down-counting M8236 indicates the direction)

C237 (32-bit high-speed power-off holding counter X0->+ single-phase count only (Increase and not decrease)

C238 (32-bit high-speed power failure holding counter X1->+ single-phase count only increase and not decrease)

Package: PLC FX2N Board x 1

              Program download cable x 1


Step instructions: STL: supports up to 8 parallel branches, different status numbers There can be double coils.

Contact comparison instructions: LD>=,LD<=,LD>,LD<,LD<>,LD=,AND>=,AND<=,AND>,AND<,AND<>,AND= ,OR>=,OR<=,OR>,OR<,OR<>,OR=.

Transmission and comparison instructions: MOV, CML, CMP, ZCP, FMOV.

Four arithmetic instructions: ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, INC ,DEC,WAND,WOR,WXOR,NEG.

Floating point operation instructions: ADD,SUB,MUL,DIV,FLT,DFLT,INT,DINT,DESQR,EDCMP.

Trigonometric function operation instructions: SIN,COS,TAN,SQR,DSQR .

Rotation instructions: ROR, ROL, RCR, RCL.

Data processing instructions: ZRST.

Program flow instructions: CJ (maximum 128 addresses), CALL (maximum 8 levels of nesting, 128 subroutines), SRET, FEND, WDT , FOR (maximum 7 levels of nesting), NEXT.

Convenient instructions: ALT.

High-speed processing instructions: REF, REFF, PWM (support Y0, Y1 each way, can be used simultaneously), PLSY (support Y0, Y1 each way), PLSR (Support Y0, Y1 each way) Pulse frequency 5HZ-20KHZ

This product supports 32-bit instructions in Fx2N function instructions, including D instructions and P instructions, that is, add D before the function instruction or add P after the function instruction, such as DMOV or MOVP.

3: Use range of indexing instructions Indexing can only be indexed with D, and does not support TCXYSM. If it is used, an operation error prompt will appear

4: When using the PWM instruction for pulse output, D1 is the output frequency D2 is the duty cycle 100% =1000;

Example PWM K500 K200 Y0 Target Y0 output duty cycle at 500HZ 20%=200/1000

Example PWM K5000 K789 Y1 Target Y1 output duty cycle at 500HZ 78.9%=789/1000

5: Please select less than or equal to download program 4K capacity,

Program encryption and de-cryptographic methods Two encryption methods:

1. Normal encryption

2. Super encryption

Normal encryption:

Online one> Login keyword one> New login one> Change, if set to 88888888, you can not change the password to cancel the password: Online 1>Login keyword>Cancel, if it is set to 88888888, you can no longer change the password

super encryption:

Online one> Login keyword one> New login one> Change, after setting 88888888, you can no longer read the PLC program, and can no longer Cancel or change the password, only download the program to the controller.

If you want to cancel the password, you can clear the memory and password by clearing the PLC memory:

if the password is forgotten, or if the super encryption needs to be restored to the normal state, you can pass;

Online one>Clear PLC memory>PLC memory>Execution

Note: This operation will cause the ladder program to be completely deleted.

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