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STM32F103C8 Blue Pill Board can program with ARDUINO IDE

STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board Module For Arduino




Product Introduction

This is a core chip based on STM32F103C8T6 ARM core board, features are as follows:

1, the board based on the most basic MCU circuit, 8M and 32768 crystal circuit, USB power supply circuit.

2, the core board is divided into two rows leads to all the I / O port.

3, with SWD simulation debug download interface, simple and convenient, debugging speed.

4, the use of the Mirco USB interface, you can do USB communication and power supply, USB interface, compatible with the ordinary Andrews mobile phone charger interface.

6, RTC crystal Epson brand, easy to start, more stable.

7, with double pin, but the pin does not default welding, the user according to their own application scenarios to choose their own welding direction. If welding is required, please tell the owner.

Keil can be used to compile, IAR compiler, can be downloaded through the J-Link or USART1 procedures.
Arduino IDE can be used to compile, can be downloaded through ST-LINK, USB-TTL CH340, USB FTDI-TTL

 Chip Description:

1, STM32F103C8T6

Package Type: LQFP;

Number of pins: 48;

Kernel: Cortex-M3;

Operating frequency: 72MHz;

Storage resources: 64K Byte Flash, 20KByte SRAM;

Interface Resources: 2x SPI, 3x USART, 2x I2C, 1x CAN, 37x I / O ports,

Analog-to-digital conversion:  (12-bit / 9-channel)

Timers: 3 general timers and 1 advanced timer

Debug Download: Support JTAG / SWD debug interface ST-LINK to download, support for IAP.

2, RT9193: 3.3V regulator chip, the maximum output of 300mA.

 Interface description:

1, SWD interface: support for simulation, download and debug.

2, Mirco USB interface: power supply and USB communication, does not support the download.

3, USART1 interface: USART1 can be used to download the program, or use the USART1 for communication.

4, MCU pin interface: leads all I / O port pins, easy to connect with peripherals.

5, 5V and 3.3V power input and output interface: commonly used in external power supply, or with other modules for common ground treatment

Program Download with USB-TTL ch340g or FTDI USB-TTL or ST-LINK USB-SWD

 Other Device Description:

1, Power LED (PWR): Power indicator status, can determine whether the power supply is stable.

2, the user LED (PC13): to facilitate the I / O output test or indicate the program running.

3, start jumping choose programming mode: (1, the user flash memory 2, SRAM 3, system memory).

4, reset button: reset chip for the user program.

5, 8M Crystal: The frequency can be set to make the system clocked at 72MHz.

6,32.768KHz Crystal: Available for built-in RTC, or for calibration.

Warning: The +5V pins on this board are directly connected to the +5V pin of the USB connector. There is no protection in place. Do not power this board through USB and an external power supply at the same time.This board is based on the Maple Mini.

arduino ide stm32 onboard usb serial terminal driver link:

download with st-link

Image result for stm32 blue pill pinout

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