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1,100% complete machine STM8S003F3P or n76e003at20 chip, wave soldering, stable performance, good consistency;
2, embedded central processor chip (MCU), better intelligent, lower power consumption;
3, power-off settings automatically memory (MCU built-in EEPROM storage unit)
4, the control accuracy of 0.1 ℃;
5, hysteresis 0.1 from the set, you can control the decimal (0.1-15.0)
Technical parameters
Thermostat range: -50 ~ 110 ℃;
Resolution: 0.1 ℃ between -9.9 ~ 99.9 ℃; 1℃ at other range;
Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1 ℃;
Control accuracy: 0.1 ℃;
Backlash accuracy: 0.1 ℃;
Refresh rate: 0.5 S;
High Temperature Alarm: 0 ~ 110 ℃;
Motherboard Power Supply: DC 12V;
Output: 1 channel relay output, capacity=10A;
Measurement input: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof sensor;
Environmental requirements: -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, Humidity 20% -85%;
Size: 48 * 40mm;
Power consumption: Quiescent Current: ≤35MA;Attract current≤65MA;

Connect the power supply and the load, then you can supply to the controller.
It displays the measured temperature, press SET key, the display temperature flashing, press"+" "-" to set the desired temperature. After finished, press SET to confirm and back.Now the controller automatically performs the relay by setting off. This temperature controller output is 10A relay, meeting various high-power loads, please make sure the wires are connected correctly.
 Indicator, LED State Instruction:
Indicator: OFF indicates the relay is switched off; ALWAYS indicates the relay is closed.
LED: shows LL means the sensor opens; shows HH means it's out of range, the thermostat will be forced to close the relay, the display --- as high temperature protection
Functions and settings of the thermostat
At the beginning it is good to introduce thermostat control for easy work. The XH-W1209 has three control buttons on the SET, + and -.If you press the SET button for 2 seconds enters the menu with seven options for setting the thermostat (P0,P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6).
Here is basic schematic for temperture controller XH-W1209

In the temperature controller XH-W1209 menu will move with buttons + and – to select the value or raising or lowering the temperature.
The red LED display indicates when the relay is activated.Always shines as long as the relay is activated.If the relay is switched off LED off.

P0 Heating or Cooling ?
Here we set the temeperature controller operation mode C- cooling , H-heating.
If you set Cooling (C) temperature controller will be activated relay when temperature falls to the setpoint.
If you set Heating (H) temperature controller will be activated relay when temperature raise to setpoint.

P1 – Hysteresis or Return diference set
This device model can value set by 0.1C and the lowest value is 0.1C.This is a very useful feature for precise operation of the temperature controller.For example, if you set the value of 1C and the desired temperature on the thermostat 20C relay will be deactivated at 21C (20C+1C). The relay is activated again when the temperature drops to 20C.

P2 – Highest temperature limit
You can set a maximum temperature limit, less than 110 degrees.

P3 – Lowest temperature limit
You can set minimum temperature limit more as 50 degrees.

P4- Temperature correct or calibration
Very good feature that lets you set your thermostat by certified accurate thermometer.
If you do not have a certified thermometer leave the value at 0C. Calibration allows you to adjust the temperature in 0.1 increments.

P5-Delay starting time
In this step, you set the start delay in minutes 1-10 min.If you set 1min relay is activated until one minute after reaching the set temperature.P5 code delay starting time

P6-High temperature Alarm
The menu P6 initially turns OFF to ON and press the SET,then set the temperature at which the alarm is activated. When is alarm activated display not showing temperature only – - -.

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