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STM8 Development Board STM8S003F3P6

This development board is a minimal breakout board for the STM8S003F3P6 STM8 micro-controller. All of the I/O pins are marked and routed to standard 2.54 mm pins for convenient use.


On-board STM8S003F3P6 chip

On-board SWIM connector for programming

On-board reset switch

Reserved external crystal oscillator soldering place

AMS1117-3.3 voltage regulator for covering 5 V power supply to 3.3 V

Mini USB connector for powering the board

Technical Information

The development board using Micro USB cable supply, compatible with smart phone lines, data lines is simple and easy to get, but not USB Mini line-powered

Low price, user-friendly design, a full set of data, allowing you to save money, save time, effort, worry

STM8S core board of the main features:

Use STM8S103F3P6 as the master IC

You can use 2.54 pin on the board or power supply pad, the pad when using power supply, input voltage range 4.5V-15V, can output to the outside through pin 3.3V

Note: 5V pin's voltage is the input voltage of the module

Leads to all pins, the pins next to the pin marked the label, with a reset button, power LED, and the program demonstrates LED, small but perfectly formed

Support SWIM debug mode

Technical Information:

The core board schematics (PDF format) and tested source. Burned into the test program, LED flashes, allowing you to detect the core board is working properly

Provide at IAR and STVD two development environments register operation and routine operation of the library functions. Timer routine, UART transmit routine, UART receive routines, clock switching routines, AD routines and so on

STM8 Applications

STM8 package library

IAR development environment, STVP programming software

STM8S103F3P6 performance comparison:

STM8S003F3 chips only 128 bytes of EEPROM, STM8S103F3 640 bytes

STM8S003F3 chip FLASH erase only 100 times, STM8S103F3 can erase ten thousand times

STM8S103F2 chip FLASH only 4K bytes, STM8S103F3 have 8K bytes

Conclusion: STM8S003F3 only suitable for mature products, STM8S003F3 core board is not suitable for development. However STM8S103F3 suitable for the development of the use of, our board of this development is the use of this chip


Software Tools:

Development tools can be downloaded from the ST website here: ... 807/SS1747

A direct link to the STVD development environment is available for download here: ... 7/PF210567

And the STVP programming software is available for download here: ... 7/PF210568

A free 8K limited version of the Cosmos C compiler which is supported by the STVD development environment is available for download here: ... m_eval.exe

We recommend installing the Cosmos C compiler before installing the STVD development environment.

Alternatively SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) is a free compiler that is compatible with the STM8 microcontrollers and can be downloaded here:

Photo Credits: some images and data are form Internet web resource.

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